sexta-feira, 23 de julho de 2010

The other side

I empower you, yet I strike fear in your heart.

I put you together, or can break you apart.

I may free you, or lock you up in this game.

You may forget a lot of things, but never my name.

I give you everything when I enter, and take even more when I leave.

I may heal all your pain, or kill you with nothing more than grief.

You may kiss anyone, but don’t you dare kiss them like you kiss me.

You may hug anyone, but don’t you dare hug them like you hug me.

You may go where ever you want, but don’t you dare go far away.

You may not even ask me any of this, but please let me say.

You may talk to anyone, but don’t you dare talk to them like you talk to me.

You may befriend anyone, but don’t you dare befriend them like you befriended me.

I give you all as fast as it can take way.

What I gave once, I’ll claim back one day.

I’ve told what I want, now choose what’s wrong or right.

I’m may brighter than the day, or darker than the night.

I’m a locker or It’s key, you’re the only one to be blamed.

Tell me what It will be, and I’ll let myself be tamed.

You never saw me this way, but why would you?

You wanting me to fulfill your life, is what I want to.

I’m an angel to be loved and adored at first sight.

But an angel tricked God, you know that, right?

How can you expect that my real face you see?

I tricked even God, you’re sure no match for me.

Am I the greatest peace, or a weapon, the best?

Am I really for free, or do you have to pass a test?

Like summer I will warm your heart, but as winter I shall freeze your mind.

You’re not the first not to see me like this, Love always turns people blind.

Marcelo H. P.
And even though the darkness dawns... Brighter days will follow!

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